WATSON Wants Adventures and something to piss on!

A Labrador and his best buddy deal with life…and death…food, seagulls, bad driving, the Dysonator and idiots…many many idiots.



One more sleep until my adoptees come pick me up.

Yesterday sucked.  Today is not much better.  Tomorrow is going to rock the shit out of 2017.  I finally get my family.  They have, at long last, got all of their ducks in a row and we are soon to... Continue Reading →

Bringing a human home for the first time.

Apologies for yesterday.  I was feeling very slightly aggrieved.  The laws and nuances involved in adopting a human family are quite complex. They are exacerbated by the fact that my family don't actually live on this side of the planet.... Continue Reading →

Cold outside but warm inside.

Sunday is a day of rest for some, sport for others and worship for the existentially unsure.  For me it was a combination of all of the above.  I woke up this morning frozen to the floor.  The foot falls... Continue Reading →

Night time.

Fuck me!  My co-campers here at the farm snore like absolute monsters.  I barely got 12 hours sleep last night!  What kind of (handsome) self respecting puppy can possibly look his best going into a new day with barely 12... Continue Reading →

The count down continues. (Thought I caught a glimpse of the mare.)

Let me begin this post by talking about the manager at my hotel.  What a bastard.  Feeds me at odd hours of the sleep cycle.  Wakes me up to tell me I look handsome.  Picks me up from a spot... Continue Reading →

My Humans and me

Adoption and what would Watson do?

This is me.

My introduction to the world

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