WATSON Wants Adventures and something to piss on!

A Labrador and his best buddy deal with life…and death…food, seagulls, bad driving, the Dysonator and idiots…many many idiots.



Jet Lag and other excuses

Jet lag sucks.  Dante could have added a whole new circle to hell with the experiences folk have with Jet and Lag.  I have been miserable and nothing has cured it.  It is conceivable that I actually slept through a... Continue Reading →

Alien abductions. Real? Fuck no It is the…

I wasn't abducted by aliens. People who think that they have been abducted by aliens are clearly insane and or drunk.  I am neither.  Nor was I drunk or insane this morning. First thing this morning The Warden picked me... Continue Reading →

Civil Rights vs Twitler: My solution?

Let me tell you about a man I read about today.  John Lewis.  Congressman John Lewis.  One of the very few men on the planet who has actually done something with almost every day of his life.  He stood with... Continue Reading →

Medal of Freedom Not for me.

Stymied again.  I only want freedom!  And the man in charge gave the medal to an old bastard in a suit.  That said, he made a hell of a speech afterwards. The rest of my day has been lazy.  I... Continue Reading →


Nobody ever reads the about on a website.  So here it is.   This is blog.  Or a photo essay.  Or a rant.  Or a cry.  Or a comment on society.  Or a commentary on my place in society or... Continue Reading →

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