WATSON Wants Adventures and something to piss on!

A Labrador and his best buddy deal with life…and death…food, seagulls, bad driving, the Dysonator and idiots…many many idiots.



2 am and all is well!

As the title of this post might indicate.  All is well.  That is a lie.  The humans have made me a liar.  All was well.  Now all is definitely not well.  All was well at 10 pm and at 11... Continue Reading →

Galbi and Salad…

I just ate a salad!  (See the previous blog post for food dissatisfaction)  Romaine hearts, cucumber, yellow capsicum pepper, an apple and some LA galbi.  Fuck me dead and bury me pregnant.  It was awfully good.  The galbi was divine.  The... Continue Reading →

4.30 am and why I love it

Yup.  4.30am is the perfect time to get up and make some noise.  The first hint of a bark or a whine or a crash as I 'tidy' the table top with a well-executed jump gets The Big Dude out of... Continue Reading →

Jet Lag and other excuses

Jet lag sucks.  Dante could have added a whole new circle to hell with the experiences folk have with Jet and Lag.  I have been miserable and nothing has cured it.  It is conceivable that I actually slept through a... Continue Reading →

Halfway round the world in 14 hours. Phileas you slow bastard.

Where to begin?  Hmm.  OK.  Here is it.     The journey has been interesting.  I met the family.  They are really very nice, in a needy sort of way.  I am not quite sure how the dynamic works between... Continue Reading →

Holy Shit! I am on the other side of the world!

Knackered.  I promise to post tomorrow.  In detail.  In the meantime, a synopsis.  Drove.  Waited.  Slept.  Drove.  Waited.  Flew!!! Waited.  Waited.  Waited.  Landed.  Waited.  Waited.  FROZE.  Drove.  Waited.  Froze again.  Slept. Barely.  Waited.  Drove.  Drove some more.  Home.  Next to... Continue Reading →

Here they are. Aren’t they special?

Well, they finally got here.  Finally.  I went for a helpless look.  They are cooing and dribbling.  I am quietly appraising their weakness and strengths.  Looks like I have my work cut out for me.  On the road today, so... Continue Reading →

One more sleep until my adoptees come pick me up.

Yesterday sucked.  Today is not much better.  Tomorrow is going to rock the shit out of 2017.  I finally get my family.  They have, at long last, got all of their ducks in a row and we are soon to... Continue Reading →

Alien abductions. Real? Fuck no It is the…

I wasn't abducted by aliens. People who think that they have been abducted by aliens are clearly insane and or drunk.  I am neither.  Nor was I drunk or insane this morning. First thing this morning The Warden picked me... Continue Reading →

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