This is blog.  Or a photo essay.  Or a rant.  Or a cry.  Or a comment on society.  Or a commentary on my place in society or maybe it is just a funny, tragic journey from one end of the womb to the other end of the grave.  I got lucky.  I found a family.  I dared to dream and found myself 8000 miles away from the place of my birth mere weeks after leaving the slightly over crowded uterus I was forced to slum it in for the first 63 days of my existence.  I know some people think life begins at birth and others that life begins when the big bearded dude breathes life into you.  Let me tell you.  There was no room for any bearded dude to get in there.  Mom was a rake of a thing.  long and lean.  Obviously a runner.  Clearly not fast enough to out run my Dad.  Good for him and ultimately me, not so good for her.  Now she spends her days trying to stop her nipples dragging in the dirt.  Not a good look for any lady of Lake Country in middle Florida, I am sure you will all agree.  Anyway, 10 litter mates made it out and me of course.  So here I am, out in the world.  Licked clean and blessed with ball bouncingly good looks.  Biting wit and a limber intelligence will drag me through life.  The world opens to me and I can see soooooo many things that are just begging to be pissed on.  I saw at least 80 trees just in front of the house.  I may need to wait for my bladder to develop a little before I charge out there to pee my claim on them all.  A puppy needs a dream, and pissing on the world is mine.  Here I come.  My name is Woofwoofgrrrrgrrwoofgrrrwooofffllewoof.  You can call me Watson.  Watson Rogue DOh-Gee, to be precise.  This is my life.  Oh yeah.  The humans I adopted are called Andy and Bu Kyung.  Or the Fat Dude and the Dysonator.  They play a small but important role in these proceedings.  But watch out for them.  I think that secretly the Dysonator is anti pissing!