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January 2017

Medal of Freedom Not for me.

Stymied again.  I only want freedom!  And the man in charge gave the medal to an old bastard in a suit.  That said, he made a hell of a speech afterwards. The rest of my day has been lazy.  I... Continue Reading →

Prison Blues (TREES!)

The trees were a bust.  The manager here has started acting more like a Lager Kommandant. Three times I tried to head out of the front door to take a stroll along the main boardwalk.  Those delicious looking trees swayed... Continue Reading →

Bringing a human home for the first time.

Apologies for yesterday.  I was feeling very slightly aggrieved.  The laws and nuances involved in adopting a human family are quite complex. They are exacerbated by the fact that my family don't actually live on this side of the planet.... Continue Reading →


Hmmmm.  The humans called.  Got to go to the USDA next friday.  Pick up date delayed 2 days.  Sadface. Sleeping this bad news off. End item.

Cold outside but warm inside.

Sunday is a day of rest for some, sport for others and worship for the existentially unsure.  For me it was a combination of all of the above.  I woke up this morning frozen to the floor.  The foot falls... Continue Reading →

Not Born Yesterday.

I may not have been born yesterday (November 22nd 2016 is my birthday) but it is patently obvious, even to a youngster like me, that this is not a Florida day.  I mean seriously!  The brochure says 'hot sunny days... Continue Reading →


Nobody ever reads the about on a website.  So here it is.   This is blog.  Or a photo essay.  Or a rant.  Or a cry.  Or a comment on society.  Or a commentary on my place in society or... Continue Reading →

Night time.

Fuck me!  My co-campers here at the farm snore like absolute monsters.  I barely got 12 hours sleep last night!  What kind of (handsome) self respecting puppy can possibly look his best going into a new day with barely 12... Continue Reading →

The count down continues. (Thought I caught a glimpse of the mare.)

Let me begin this post by talking about the manager at my hotel.  What a bastard.  Feeds me at odd hours of the sleep cycle.  Wakes me up to tell me I look handsome.  Picks me up from a spot... Continue Reading →

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