Stymied again.  I only want freedom!  And the man in charge gave the medal to an old bastard in a suit.  That said, he made a hell of a speech afterwards.

The rest of my day has been lazy.  I might have eaten a little too much yesterday.  Maybe.

I am intrigued by the Orange Ball Sack.  It seems I might have a rival in my mission to take ownership of the world by the ancient rites and rights of pee.  I can’t say that I am overly concerned.  He appears to be a rank amateur and employed others to pee on things for him!


Not me, I am front and center.  If is stays still long enough, it is fair game.

Perhaps now would be a good time to go over the golden rules, as they pertain to dogs in the acquisition of stuff through the gentle, noble and venerable art of peeing.

  1. Thou must pee on it thyself.
  2. Thou must pee on it often.
  3. Thou must bark loudest if some little bitch disputes thy claim.

Number one is clearly where the ball sack is going wrong.  He seems to have 2 and 3 down.


As for the whole spy thing.  I can’t see it.  The dumb prick is likely to go steal the information from the safe, and then tweet about a successful theft!  Besides, who sends someone painted orange to do a covert job!?!

Taken from twitter and retouched.  Quill-less hedgehog looks a little like the Orange Ball Sack of ill repute.

Alleged spy/thief/quill-less hedgehog/human.

Perhaps I misheard that story.  I was dozing and have been for much of the last 50 or so days.  I might be conflating the spy/thief/human thing with something I dreamed about last night.

Speaking of which.  I think it is time for bed.  Nothing more in the way of food heading this way tonight.  I plan to dream about bears tonight.  The Big Dude sent me a photo of some bear tracks.  I wasn’t impressed.  Anyone can follow footprints.  With this nose of mine I can track a food bowl into sleep and back out the other side of dreamland.  I just don’t know how to take a photo of that.