Fuck me!  My co-campers here at the farm snore like absolute monsters.  I barely got 12 hours sleep last night!  What kind of (handsome) self respecting puppy can possibly look his best going into a new day with barely 12 hours under his belt?  Not this little dude.  All of them were shuffling about, snoring and snorting.  Yellowbro3 in particular was off the chart.  I feel desperately sorry for the folks down in Miami whom he has adopted.

Cute dog sleeping on a pillow

Incidentally, the sleepy little bastard in the top picture here is the famous Vader.  A dog of some renown, I am told.  He doesn’t look like much in that photo.  But if you recall it is because of him that I took pity on The Dysonator and her war with Vader Tull.  I am still a touch confused to tell the truth.  His name was Lord Darth ‘Stunt Cock’ Vader.  I am not sure where Vader Tull comes into this.  Perhaps it is an alter ego, or maybe he is some kind of weird lycanthrope.  Heaven forbid he is a farm dog or an inventor of mundane farming supplies. Or even a member of an odd but successful band playing some kind of highly experimental Labrador rock! Further investigation will have to wait until after 2nd breakfast I am afraid.  Jesus, I sound like a bloody hobbit saying that!  Who is a handsome boy?  Yes, it is me.