Let me begin this post by talking about the manager at my hotel.  What a bastard.  Feeds me at odd hours of the sleep cycle.  Wakes me up to tell me I look handsome.  Picks me up from a spot on the ground which I have worked very hard on to get as close to my contours as possible.  Then drops me back down on the spot where chocolatesistertwo just did a huge and slightly runny shit!  WTF?  It has to be said, the handsome comments ARE appreciated, but for all of the blessed bloody saints, please wait til I am awake.

The trees in the distance do look appealing still.  I am going to make it out there to piss on them and claim ownership some time soon.  Just not today.  Too much napping this morning, with continued napping forecast heading into the afternoon and evening. Tomorrow.

Human update:  Still doing the paper work and whatnot.  Or so I am informed by the manager.  Hopefully his skills as an intermediary between adopter and adoptees are better than those demonstrated in personal grooming.  He smells like horse shit all the bloody time.   He had quite a large hoof print on his forehead yesterday morning.  Must of had a bit of a run in with the feisty old mare I can smell out behind the stable block.

I added a new logo to the blog today.  What would Watson do seems like a pretty good question to ask no matter what the occasion.  I heard the manager say some thing similar earlier.  He fucked it up though.  He was asking what some bloke named Jesus would do.  Apparently the mare is lucky.

Right.  Here comes the manager with the next load of food.  Time to look handsome and see if I can get to head of the queue.  Might be back later, might not.

P.S.  Camera broken so no photos today to break up the pee like stream of my prose.  So the simple minded out there might want to go back to the beginning and read it again to make sure you got all the salient points.  Most notable of which is that I am a handsome boy!