Hello world.  My name is Watson.  I’m the handsome one.  I am a little pissed off.  There I was, about to settle down for a nap when the dude in blue snatched me up and made me wave at the fat bastard with the camera.  Fuckers.  Oh, I got my revenge.  I had stood in some poo and ‘accidentally’ wiped it on their arms and shirts.   Kikiki.  More later.  Now I am going back to sleep until I am 8 weeks old.  Legally an adult with access to my own food and water, the right to sleep when and where I feel like it and the ability to choose whether doggy style involves a trip to the internet or me trying to get traction on a tile floor.  I want adventures. More on that later.   Ciao for now.

Watson and Grandad Jan 3rd 2016

FYI I am 5 weeks old.  I was born on November 22nd 2016 near Ocala Florida and I have just adopted my very own family of humans.